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1:1 Coaching for Athletes

​Are you ready to take your training to the next level? One-on-one coaching can help you: 

  • Rebound from failure in minutes

  • Rise under pressure

  • Make the right decisions quicker


What to expect:

Virtual Delivery

Meet with me, or a coach on my team, for one-on-one virtual sessions. We'll coordinate an ideal time and schedule for our sessions together. 

Embrace Self-Talk

Through our sessions, we'll help you learn how to integrate and improve upon positive and meaningful self-talk.

Strategies for Success

Learn breathing, visualization, and focus strategies. We'll also tackle your schedule to help develop consistent routines for success. 

Improve Mindset

As we work together, you'll see your self-confidence rise and improve your self- and social-awareness. 

Make Quicker and
Confident Decisions

Counterbalance your emotional regulation training with more knowledge and skill building in your sport to build your confidence.

What Client Athletes Say

“Thank you! I really have been taking what you have taught me at Jr. Gold and everything after and putting it into my arsenal. It’s really helped me and I’ve seen big improvements from what it was before.”

Interested in 1:1 Coaching? Complete this form to get started.

Thanks! We'll reach out to you soon.

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