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Team Workshops

​Take your team to the next level with team workshops. Team workshops are:

  • designed for high school and collegiate teams

  • leverage techniques from psychology, sociology, and social work 

  • fun, engaging sessions

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What to expect:

Virtual Delivery

Team workshops are delivered virtually with 60- or 90-minute sessions. 

High School & Collegiate

Whether your team is in high school or at the collegiate level, our workshops are tailored to your team needs.

Strategies for Success

Learn breathing, visualization, and focus strategies. We'll also work together to strengthen and establish routines.

Improve Team Mindset

We will work together to build team chemistry and to improve team communication skills. See self and team confidence rise!

What Clients Say

“Great event! Our son really got a lot out of these sessions. Thank you for the valuable information and your support to bowler athletes and their families!”

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